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When ordering player-led AI squad, US and UK soldier’s confirmations are not Audible (while Soviet and German AI confirmations are)
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Result of US and UK "missing words" is that currently leading German and Soviet AI squad is far more immersive, enjoyable, and informative. (Leading US or UK AI squad is quiet, less informative by comparison.) Hoping we can fix up US and UK Radio Protocols to match.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Place two soldiers in the editor in same group, both of type “LIB_GER_Rifleman”. Make the leader the player. Start the mission.
  2. Order your AI subordinate to move.
  3. Observe he speaks aloud twice, once to confirm his order and again to confirm his arrival at destination.
  4. Delete those guys. Place two soldiers in the editor in same group, both of type “LIB_US_Rifleman”. Make the leader the player. Start the mission.
  5. Order your AI subordinate to move.
  6. Observe he does NOT speak aloud (either to confirm his order or again to confirm his arrival at destination).
  7. Once your AI man arrives at destination, he should be stationary (in “Ready” mode). Go and stand directly in front of him, and face him.
  8. Order your AI man to stop via ~-1-6, and watch his mouth.
  9. Observe your AI guy’s mouth will move, but that he is NOT audible.

^ Steps 1-9 are sufficient to demonstrate the issue. 10-13 provide important additional analysis.

  1. Repeat steps 4-10 with “B_Soldier_F” (to see how vanilla man behaves).
  2. Observe the NATO subordinate speaks his two confirmations aloud.
  3. Repeat steps 4-10 again, but this time, drop your own radio before ordering him to move.
  4. Observe the NATO man (now that YOU have no radio) does NOT speak his confirmations aloud (just like “LIB_US_Rifleman”). Also, when standing in front of him watching mouth closely, observe your AI guy’s mouth will move, but that he is NOT audible (just like “LIB_US_Rifleman”).

Note that “LIB_US_Rifleman” and “B_Soldier_F” share the same radio protocol, "RadioProtocolENG", and the problem only affects radio-less units.

One might argue that the problem is with ArmA3 game code, and not a IFA3 problem. I would disagree, because again IFA3 Soviet and German AI subordinates speak their confirmations just fine, and that IFA3 units in general don’t have radios (while vanilla units in general do). Finally I would stress the large number of IFA3 units impacted.

It is understood that US and UK use ArmA3 tech Radio Protocol, and that Soviet and German use ArmA2 tech Radio Protocol. Never-the-less, I contend it should be possible to uncover the underlying cause for US and UK subordinates not speaking their confirmations, and hopefully fix the issue. Will lead to far more immersive AI squad control experience.

Here on the IFA3 bug tracker, I see two items that look to potentially be related (the first appearing possibly directly responsible):
T702 "Missing strings in radio protocol"
T720 "Protocol bin\config.bin/RadioProtoco/: Missing word"

T702 references "STR_WW2_CA_EP1_VEHICLEMOVERELATIVETOGROUP_1", "STR_WW2_CA_EP1_VEHICLEMOVERELATIVETOGROUP_2", etc. To me that sounds potentially related?

T702 also references "STR_WW2_CA_EP1_SENTENEMYDETECTEDRELATIVETOLOCATION_1", "STR_WW2_CA_EP1_SENTENEMYDETECTEDRELATIVETOSENDER_1", etc. I seem to recall the US and UK "missing word" problem extending to target detection as well, so again perhaps related?

I have experience with a (potentially related) ArmA3 kbTell bug detailed extremely well here:

My own (anecdotal) notes on this ArmA3 kbTell bug and how it may relate to IFA3 US and UK "missing words" can be found here:

I am willing to help try and track this down further (and do much of the grunt work), but probably would need some direction and/or collaboration.

Hope it can be fixed, thanks!